Série LB series - Tsurumi Canada - Série LB series - Tsurumi Canada
LB Series
LB Series
Top discharge provides maximum motor cooling while allowing continuous duty operation.
Available in single-phase or three-phase. Pumps fit into 8-inch pipes.

LB Series LB(T)-1500 
High chrome semi-open impeller resists wear due to  particles.

Diode motor protectors prevent stator damage in high amperage or run-dry situations.

Up to 70' shut off head

Slimline design allows pumps to fit into 8" pipes.

Designed to fit an 8" pipe.

Up to 60' shut off head.

Available in 110V and 220V single-phase with 50 foot cables.

Double Inside Mechanical Seal With SiC faces provides the longest operational life.

Oil Lifter provides lubrication of the seal faces.

Float Switch for automatic operation TS-302 for 110V, TS-303 for 220V.

LB Series LB-480
Urethane Semi Vortex Impeller and elastomer lined pump casing for maximum wear life.

TS-301 Float Switch forautomatic operation.

LB Series LB-480A
Our advanced EL-1 Relay unit mounted on the side of the pump, eliminates the need for float switches. These sensitive electrodes detect water, turning the pump on and off automatically

LB Series LBT-800
Three-phase pumps complete with double mechanical SIC seals, oil lifters, and durable lightweight materials found in our similar single-phase products. Available in 230 or 460 voltages.

Series LB, Rugged dewatering pumps,8 inch pipes, 2/3 hp, 1 hp, 2 hp